"Personals" - What Now? [Part 4]

February 1924
  • Lily Mault, class of 1895 (Law School) became the President of the Woodhaen Women's Republican Club.
  • Jessie Houck, class of 1901, married and become Mrs. N. H. Shaffer. She moved to Oak Lane.
  • Elizabeth M. Craighead, class of 1901, became a French teacher in a Worcester, MA High School.
  • Edith Super, class of 1902, married a Mr. Clifford Anderson. Both were from Bakersfield, California. They became the "happy parents" of David Byron.
  • Jessie Bowers, class of 1903 and Sadie Rothermel, class of 1909 (became
    Mrs. J. H. Super) - were both Dickinson representatives at the P. S. E.
    A. (Pennsylvania State Education Association) in Philadelphia.
  • Anna Jean Spears, class of 1905, became Executive Secretary of the Y. W. C. A. at Chester. Incidentally, her sister, Dr. Mary Spears, attended and graduated from Dickinson Preparatory School, but did not attend Dickinson College.
  • Josephine Morrison, class of 1906, married and became Mrs. H. B. Cockerline. On December 22 of 1923, they annnounced the birth of Thomas Ross. The couple moved from NY to Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Elsie Hoffer, class of 1907, became a teacher in Hillside Junior High School, in Montclair, NJ.
  • Annie O'Brien, class of 1908, went on to teach at the High School in Dover, Delaware.
  • May Morris, class of 1909, became the librarian for Bryn Mawr Collge.
  • Mary Maust, class of 1910, was Chairman of the Valentine Luncheon of the Dickinson Alumnae Club of NY.
  • Marjorie McIntire, class of 1910, went on to teach at the Atlantic City
    High School, which was thought to be "one of the finest equipped
    buildings in the East."
  • Grace Filler, class of 1910, attended a Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Convention in Colorado. On her way to the convention, she visited with Hazel Kisner (Mrs. Harold Fasick) - class of 1913; and Helene Nelson (Mrs. Borkland) - class of 1915. Ethel Wagg, class of 1915 was present at the convention as well.
  • Jane D. Shenton, class of 1911 became secretary to the President of Temple University.
  • Mary E. Roberts, class of 1912, became principal of the high school in Moorestown, N.J. after she received her Master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Later on she went on to study for her Ph.D. degree.
  • Anna Shuey, class of 1916, married a Mr. Whiting, and announced the arrival of a baby boy on October 22.
  • Esther A. B. Popel, class of 1919, went on to teach French and Spanish in the Shaw Junior High School in Washington D.C.
  • Ruth Niesley and Marcia Miller, both from the class of 1919, went on to be involved with social service work in Philadelphia.
  • Mary Schellinger, class of 1919, went on to teach Latin at Paulsboro High School in NJ.
  • Elizabeth Shcellinger,clas of 1919, became a Latin teacher for the Upper Darby High Schoolin PA.
  • Helen Witmer, class of 1920, went on to do post-graduate workk at Bryn Mawr and contributed to the operation of a newspaper in Lancaster (her hometown).
  • Geraldine Zimmerman, class of 1920, and Carl Obermiller (1922L) got engaged to be married in 1924.
  • Helen C. Strayer, class of 1922, was the only Dickinson graduate at Johns Hopkins Medical School in the year of 1924.
  • Mary C. Garland, class of 1923, went on to do post-graduate work in Latin at Michigan.
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