Paying Homage to their Patronesses

November 18, 1989

Being a former member of Chi Omega sorority Margaret MacGregor reported in her interview that in order to govern and monitor student conduct across campus, sororities
had what were called patronesses, ladies from the area who were a part of that
Greek organization or were simply interested in volunteering their time towards
that sorority. Visitations to these chapter patronesses were required and
entailed formal wear in which the ladies had to "get dressed up with white
gloves and hats..." with "... their best finery." If for some
reason their patronesses were not home the ladies had leave behind calling
cards. In return the patronesses would host different activities for the ladies
throughout the year. According to Margaret MacGregor who was a member of Chi Omega Sorority, her patronesses, Mrs. Shelly, would hold yearly picnics.

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WWII Oral Histories: Margaret MacGregor