Social Opinion Survey of the Women's Group


The newly-formed Women's Group issued the "Social Opinion Survey" in the hopes of learning "the opinions of students concerning the social atmosphere, the academic situation, and housing" as well as "the relationships between the sexes." The Group claimed to be issuing the survey in conjunction with Dean Mary Francis Carson. Some examples of questions in the survey include:

All other things being equal, would you prefer your present dorm to be coed in some form?

Do you feel there is a set standard or pattern for relationships with the opposite sex at Dickinson?

When someone says "no" to your sexual advances, do you usually stop completely?

Do you feel that you have been discouraged against taking certain courses because of your sex?

The survey has a total of 62 questions, and responses would be anonymous. The Group planned to publish the findings for the student body.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 5/99 Series 9, Box 8, Folder 21