President of the Board of Trustees on the Social Opinion Survey

August 16, 1972

The president of the Board of Trustees, Samuel W. Witwer, wrote to the president of the College, Howard L. Rubendall, in regards to the Women's Group "Social Opinion Survey." Witwer had heard complaints about the survey but had ignored them until he received a copy of the questionnaire. He referred to the survey as "cheap, tawdry, ill mannered, and bad taste [sic]." He suggests that members of the Women's Group "must be totally preoccupied with matters of sex." He insists that the College does not permit a wide variety of sexual conduct. He mentions the story of a young woman who planned to attend Dickinson until she saw the survey and wants to know if the college will take steps to prevent "similar vulgarity" in the future.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 2/50 Series 11 Box 3 Folder 6