Denny Hall

February 1997 Lectures on Women's Studies

February 20 and 24, 1997

The Women's Studies program sponsored two lectures in February of 1997.  One was given by Kristen Miller, a doctoral student of sociology at the University of Delaware, on lesbian identity, and the other was given by Barbara Ozieblo, a professor of American Literature at the University of Malaga, on feminism in Spain.

Dean Josephine B. Meredith's Report "Women at Dickinson College", circa 1935

circa 1935

During her time as the Dean of Women at Dickinson College, Dean Josephine Meredith wrote a report entitled "Women at Dickinson College." Dean Meredith, an early female graduate of Dickinson College (class of 1901), utilized both her experiences as a female student and the Dean of Women to compile a report on the conditions for and experiences of female students. Thus, in 18 sections, she highlights living conditions, extracurricular life, social life, religious life, and academic life at the College.

The Women's Student Government Thank President Morgan

March 1, 1922

In a letter dated March 1, 1922, Mary Dubson writes on behalf of the Women's Student Government to thank President Morgan for improvements to Metzger Hall and Denny Hall. Dubson wrote that President Morgan's "kindness and interest" was much appreciated.

"Women's Quarters at Denny Hall" in " Women at Dickinson College" - by Josephine Brunyate Meredith

circa 1935

In the subsection entitled "Women's Quarters at Denny Hall," Meredith gives us an insight to how rooms on the college grounds enabled day students (town students ?), commuters, and boarders to take advantage of the time spent on campus.


Located in the basement, the women's quarters at Denny Hall consisted of: a small washing room, a toilet, a small kichenette, and a rest room. Although she mentions that the rooms were clearly makeshift, she also says that they were comfortable and in good condition.

A Graduate's Mischievous Memories of Dickinson, 1969

March, 1979

As a further elaboration on her "Women as Leaders" survey, a female graduate reminisces on some mischief she participated in on campus. She remembers sunbathing on the Drayer roof, crawling out of Drayer's basement windows after hours, climbing into the Denny bell tower at night and climbing onto the roof of the library when it was under construction. She also remembers "going to that funny monument between Adams Hall and the Law School to do silly things" as well as "sitting in boxcars on the railroad" near the Biddle Field."

Debate on Co-education


The 1909 Microcosm published a humorous piece, the "Debate on Co-Education: Spirited Riot in Harman Literary Meeting." This piece is about a debate amongst the ladies of the Harman Literary Society on whether co-education is better for women or if it is better for women to study at an all-girl's institution.

Denny Ladies' Room Rights

February 26, 1965

In an editorial piece dated February 26, 1965, Joann Hansen expresses her concern witht he state of the women's powder room in Denny Hall. According to Hansen, the room is poorly lit, cold, the pipes dripp, and the women could hear rats crawling in the walls. Moroever, Hansen asserted that males often visit the powder room which does not allow the women a sense of privacy. Thus, Hansen argues that like the rest of Denny, the women's powder room should also be remodeled.

Rules for Freshmen Women

September 1922-23

Included in the student handbook of 1922-23, are a list of five rules that freshmen women of the college must abide by. Rules included concerned proper college attire, repsect to upperclassmen, obedience, and relations with men. For example, according to the handbook, during the first six weeks of the semester women were not allowed to walk with men around campus and Denny Hall. The rules appear to be provided by the Women's Student Government Association.

Dickinson Hosts Play Day Event for Area Colleges

March 5, 1938

This Saturday event was sponsored by the Department of Physical Education for the Women and Athletic Council.  The program included photo opportunities and three games of an identified sport in the morning, followed by a luncheon at the Argonne Hotel, a Round Table Discussion of some type in the Alumni Gymnasium, a swimming event, and a concluding tea in the Women's Apartments in Denny Hall.  Participating colleges included Lebanon Valley, Bucknell, Susquehanna, Juniata, and Dickinson Colleges.  Several students served as "chairmen" of various committees, including Margaret Brinham '38 (Gen