Jackie Jackson (Class of 1964) of Metzger Hall rushes to kill a bug that has found its way inside.

Date: May 1963

Kim Larsen (Class of 1966) and Sally Stevenson (Class of 1966) of Metzger Hall in its final years study for Spring semester courses.

Date: May 1963
Candid Shot in the Dean of Women's Office, c. 1950

This candid photograph shows three female students, Rebecca Simmons (Class of 1954), Ann Barnard (Class of 1954), and Suzanne Ritter (Class of 1954), in the Dean of Women's office, Mary-Margaret Kellogg, circa 1950.

Date: c. 1950
Candid Shot of Women Singing at Metzger Hall

This candid shot of women singing at Metzger Hall was taken in September of 1950. The women in this photograph are as follows, from left to right, Jean McAnally (Class of 1954), Rebecca Simmons (Class of 1954), Ann Barnard (Class of 1954), Suzanne Ritter (Class of 1954), Barbara Winey (Class of 1954), Alice Hamer (Class of 54), Elizabeth Tivney (Class of 1954), Jean Rowe (Class of 1952), and Mary Shelley (Class of 1954).

Date: September, 1950

Photograph of the 1923 Young Women's Christian Association on the Metzger Hall Porch. Featured in the photograph: Elizabeth DeMaris (Class of 1923), Louetta Green (Class of 1922), Erma Porteus (Class of 1926), Isabel Ward (Class of 1926), & Mary Elizabeth Chambers (Class of 1924).

Date: 1923
Co-eds from the Class of 1905

The Co-eds from the class of 1905 were captured in this photograph. The ladies shown (from left to right) are Gertrude Heller, Kathleen Gooding, Mabel Kirk, and Anna Spears.

Date: 1905
1890 Ladies Relaxing Outside

This photograph displays a group of female students enjoying the outdoors.

Date: c. 1890
All terms: 1890-1899, Photograph
Isabel Endslow

Isabel Endslow, the first president of Women's Student Government, is captured in this photograph from 1918.

Date: 1918

Pictured here are the ladies of the Women's Student Government Association (Women's Student Senate) of 1933.

Date: c. 1933
Ladies in Ladies' Hall

This circa 1902 picture shows the ladies relaxing in Ladies' Hall. The women are identified as follows: 1. Isabel Goldsmith, 2. May Hull, 3. Zoe Davis, 4. Jess Rudisill, 5. Unknown, 6. Helen Wright, 7. Ada Filler, 8. Emma Super, 9. Edith Super, 10. Lillian, 11. Ruth Barrett, 12. Anna Spears, 13. Mary Spears, 14. Carolyn Eppley, 15. Mary Colburn, 16. Lucy Treverton, 17. Ethel Hardesty, 18. Emeline Thompson, 19. Mrs. Morgan, 20. Mrs. Love, 21. Mrs. Gooding, 22. Gertrude Heller, 23. Mary Love, 24. Emma Reeme, 25. Ann Frank, 26. Unknown, 27. Edith Cahoon, 28. Kathleen Gooding, 29.

Date: c. 1902