The 1986 Women's Track and Field Yearbook

The Women's Track and Field team had a record of six wins and two losses in 1986. Under Coaches John Cantalupi, Larry Moser, Dick Ocker, Scott Thornsley, and Dave Bengston, the team won first place in a Division III competition at Moravian. Linda Reinman was the 1986 MVP, and the coach's awards went to Cyndi Lyn Olcott, Susan Baldwin, and Michelle Wolkomir. Linda Reinman continued her successful Track and Field career as a Division III National Qualifier alongside Susan Baldwin.

Date: Spring 1986
Women Place 2nd at the Western Maryland Relays

The Women's Track and Field team placed second at the Western Maryland relays and outperformed the men's team, which placed fifth out of the nine teams competing at the event. According to the Dickinsonian article by Tom Speranza, Coach John Cantalupi was pleased with the outcome, especially given that "some of his runners did not compete." The women's team set a new school record against Franklin and Marshall College in the 4x1600 meter relay with runners Julie-Lynn Wirth, Linda Grant, Linda Reinman, and Helen Turner.

Date: April 6, 1985
Linda Reinman Overcomes Anemia and Becomes Division III National Qualifier

In 1985, the Women's Track and Field team had an overall record of eight wins and three losses in, according to an article in the Dickinsonian, "its third season of intercollegiate competition." Head Women's Coach John Cantalupi and coaches Larry Moser, Don Nichter, and Bill Nickey led the team of 21 females through a successful season. Highlights of the year included junior Linda Reinman's recovery from anemia during the 1984 season and subsequent outstanding performance in 1985.

Date: Spring 1985
Spotlight on Track and Field Stars

The 1984 yearbook for the Women's Track and Field team spotlights performances and moments from the season with pictures and captions. Featured athletes include "all-around performer" Caitlin Mullen, lead triple jumper Laurie Smith, and "Dickinson's number one threat in the 5000 meter event," Helen Turner.

Date: Spring 1984
A rewarding way to begin the season...

In 1984, the Women's Track and Field Team boasted four wins and two losses as an overall record for the season. Captains Stacey Camillo, Jennifer Kulp, and Julie-Lynn Wirth and coaches John Cantalupi, Larry Moser, and Don Nichter led the team through a successful season that began at the Western Maryland Relays on April 7 where the team placed second. One foreign student--Carina Palmqvist of Sweden--participated in events like the 55m Dash.

Date: Spring 1984
Let's Keep in Touch...

Included as the last page of the Women's Track and Field yearbook for 1983 is list of the names and contact information for the female athletes. The page is entitled "Let us keep in touch..." and lists all 24 members of the team, including the captains and MVP Jennifer Kulp.

Date: Spring 1983
Jennifer Kulp Featured in Dickinsonian

The Women's Track and Field yearbook from 1983 highlights the accomplishments of the team for the season. Under captains Sue Berg, Elizabeth Garten, and Linda Reinman, the team had an overall record of three wins and six losses and a Mid-Atlantic Conference record of three wins and six losses. Freshman Jennifer Kulp, the 1983 MVP for the team, performed outstandingly in high jump, long jump, hurdles, and the 400-yard relay.

Date: Spring 1983
The 1982 Constitution for the Woman's Soccer Club

The 1982 constitution for the Woman's Soccer Club (later the Women's Soccer Club) establishes the purpose of the club "to stimulate interest in, and give females a chance to play the sport of soccer on an organized basis." According to the constitution, members were required to pay dues at the beginning of each semester.

Date: November 1982
All terms: 1980-1989, Soccer Club
The 1985 Constitution of the Women's Soccer Club

The 1985 constitution of the Women's Soccer Club establishes the purpose of the club, which remains consistent with the purpose from its 1982 constitution (see http://coeducation.dickinson.edu/index.php?q=node/101 for more details). Like the Women's Rugby Club during the 1980s, this club required its members to pay dues.

Date: April 12, 1985
All terms: 1980-1989, Soccer Club
Women's Rugby Club Constitution No. 2

The Dickinson Women's Rugby Club constitution establishes the purpose, membership criteria, and rules and procedures for the club. Open to women of the Dickinson community, the club's purpose is "to organize and  play the game of rugby." The club required fees at the beginning of each season. Officers of the club included Co-presidents Cindy Halpern and Elizabeth King, Match Secretary Bambi Stambaugh, Treasurer Elizabeth Arnold, Membership Secretary Suki Onorato, Social Secretary Jodi Hakes, Fixture Secretaries Phyllis Graziadei and Donna Cassidy, and the club's advisor Leon Fitts.

Date: Circa 1980s