Daughters of Dickinsonians

May 1923

A total of 24 students at Dickinson this particular year were either sons or daughters of Dickinsonians.

The break down of sons and daughters was equal.

There were a total of 12 women enrolled whose father (and in the case of Martha Williams - her mother) had been a Dickinsonian.

Olivette Yeingst and Violette Yeingst (daughters of Wilbur M. Yeingst '97) were members of the Senior class. The remaining ten daughters were as follows:

Elizabeth Chambers and Ruth Chambers (daughters of Prof. George G. Chambers '02); Elizabeth Hann (daughter of Rev. Edwin F. Hann '01); A. Carola Learned (daughter of Prof. M. D. Learned '80) ; Edith Louisa Oakes (daughter of Rev. J. A. Oakes '81); Martha E. Williams (daughter of Martha Porter Williams '92); Sarah C. Sigmund (daughter of Prof. J. Luther Sigmund '98);Dorothy Logan (daughter of Rev. A. C. Logan '98); Elizabeth Filler (daughter of Dean M. G. Filler '93); and Rachael Shelley (daughter of John L. Shelley '71).

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Dickinson Alumnus May 1923