Suggestions by Students for the Improvement of the College

December 15, 1945

A document entitled "Suggestions Considered Requisite by the Students of Dickinson College for the Improvement of the College" was distributed to faculty and trustees on December 15, 1945. The first "suggestion" was the appointment of a "recognized educator" as president to replace the committee of three ruling the college at the time. According to the document, the "lack of individual authority prevents decisions." The second and longest suggestion asks for the appointment of a new dean of women. The document calls Dean Josephine B. Meredith "incompetent as a personal advisor" and highlights examples of the ways in which she interacted poorly with female students. The third suggestion demands "an immediate improvement in the food and the service." The fourth and sixth suggestions calls for a new form of student government and student social committees with clearly-defined powers, and the fifth asks for a "definite policy in reference to veterans' status...."

Location of Document in Archives
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