"Personals" - What Now? [Part 8]

May 1926
  • Elizabeth R. Bender, class of 1888, became Secretary of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society.
  • Mary C. Love, class of 1902, was asked to go on air where she broadcasted on the subject of "Women and the New Education." She claimed that while it was somewhat uncomfortable at first, she grew to find it simpler than talking to an audience.
  • Laura Harris, class of 1908, moved to Washington, D. C. after her husband, Major Ellis, entered the Army Industrial College in the state.
  • Emily Milburn graduated with the class of 1911. She went on to take a course in Interior Decorating at Pratt Institute and lived in NY.
  • Florence Strock, class of 1914, married John Bickley and moved to Towson, Maryland.
  • Mary E. Coyle, class of 1914, married Clinton Van Siclen (of the same graduating class). The couple lived in Brooklyn and announced the birth of their son Wallace Duryla on April 7th of 1926.
  • Ruth Niesley, class of 1919, announced her engagement to Ralph Spare at the home of Marie A. Niesley. Ralph Spare was a non-graduate of the class of 1919, but graduated in 1922 from Wharton School. Marie Niesley was a non-graduate of the class of 1914, but married George W. Barnitz who did graduate that year. After marriage, Ruth Niesley became a county secretary of the Children's Aid Society at Norristown, PA.
  • Ruth Collins, class of 1919, was married on December 31, 1925 to Albert Parson Siner. They were attended by Charles Collins and Florence Everhart. Florence, a graduate of 1922, had married Charles, a non-graduate of the same class.
  • Amy L. Brobst, class of 1920, became head of the Latin Department of the High School of East Rutherford, NJ. She was engaged to Ernest C. Douglass in 1926 and planned a June wedding. The couple would make their home in W. VA.
  • Edna Moyer, class of 1920, was engaged to Horace B. Hand, graduate of 1921.
  • Anna M. Pearson, graduate of 1920, was engaged and later married to William Brubaker Jr.
  • Marion Hower, member of the graduating class of 1921, married Earl Cronican and announced the birth of a daughter on February 1st 1926.
  • Ivy M. Hudson, class of 1923, became a teacher in a junior high school in MD.
  • Heraldine Houston, class of 1924, married Stanley G. Jones. They announced the birth of a son on February 20th 1926.


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