Freshman Women Must Wear Arm Bands

September 25, 1922

The September 25, 1922 minutes from the Women's Student Senate discussed various affairs, one particularly emphasized was the case of female freshmen rules. It was decided that freshmen women had to wear arm bands to breakfast and on their coats. Failure to comply with this rule caused the creation of the "freshman rule", as one woman learned. She had been a freshman at a previous college and then came here, refusing to wear her arm band. Under the freshman rule that was created, in order to not wear your arm band you must be under the freshman rules for an entire year in order to be immune to them. Another case brought forth was of a woman who broke the freshman rules by walking across campus with a man. Fortunately for this student no action was taken for her disobeying the rules.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/122 Women's Student Government Association Box 1 Folder 12