Cole, Harley and Peters Return from Africa to Share Their Experiences

October 14, 1969

The Dickinson College Chaplain Paul Kaylor wrote a letter in October of 1969 to offer the presentational services of the most-recently returned Project Africa participants. 

Dorothy "Dottie" Cole worked with twenty other students in Sierra Leone "building a hospital in the village of Mabai which will, when completed, serve persons from a 50 mile area in that country." 

Joanne Harley traveled to an island in Lake Victoria, Kenya. She initially was supposed to aid in the building of a secondary school, but instead ended up teaching biology with very little classroom resources. 

Ray Peters worked as an instructor in athletics for the police force in Somalia. The Chaplain asserts that Peters' experience was "quite different from that of the women as he lived, in [Peters'] words, "like a king." " The Chaplain also writes that Peters' slides tell "a different story about Africa" but does not elaborate.

Location of Document in Archives
Office of the Chaplain Papers, 7.6.6