President Morgan Argues that He Does Not Discriminate Against Female Faculty

March 24, 1920

In a letter dates March 24, 1920, President Morgan wrote to F. Louise Nardin of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae in regard to Dickinson's application for admssion to the organization. In a previous letter, F. Louise Nardin explained that Dickinson would not be eligible for admission due the inequality that existed between female and male faculty. Morgan defends Dickinson's stance on female employees and expains that "Until recent years there were no women in our faculty. But three years ago we took action to admit women to the faculty, and it was done with no intimation that they should not be admitted on the same basis as men. We do not change our faculty members frequently, and there have been no vacancies above an instructorship open to women in these years... I am not aware of the fact that I have discriminated against man or woman in my faculty plannings during these years."

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