Pam McFarland, Aiding Dean Of Women to Design Programs for Campus

September 15,1972

Serving as Coordinator of Women's Programs, Pam McFarland was assigned a position as one of the two resident interns at Dickinson College. Working with several administrators during the day, McFarland also had an opportunity to attend graduate school at Shippensburg in the evenings. At Dickinson College her duties included arranging the schedule of speakers, workshops,as well as films for women on campus. Some of the events and ideas included:

-Showing and the discussing the movie "Growing Up Female," which traced the socialization of women.

- Exploring the field of career motivation for women and dealing with pressures of marriage, as well as listing all the graduate schools that encouraged women applicants.

- Working with Chaplain Brian Lyke in creating a program for abortion
counseling and educating the campus in the methods of birth control

Besides all the responsibilites listed above, Pam McFarland served as the "house resident" in Witwer Hall.

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