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"Motto" added to the Constitution of the Women's Student Government Association
Date: September 1922

In the 1922 constitution and by-laws of the Women's Student Government Association, printed in the student handbook, is the inclusion of a "motto." The motto, "good morals and good behavior" is a new addition to the constitution since its initial creation in 1921. The rest of the constitution contains information on membership, meetings, the executive, lesgislative, and judicial departments, dues, amendment rules and by-laws.

Alumnae Clubs
Date: February 1924

Alumnae of the college would form active Dickinson Clubs in the cities they moved to and habitually reported to the 'Alumnus.'The Philadelphia Club included about 70 Dickinsonians who lived in the vicinity in 1923. They met twice a year. Grace Filler, class of 1910, was secretary.In Atlantic City, there were 7 Dickinson Alumnae, all of which were affiliated and worked actively with the A. A. U. W. (American Association for University Women). Mabel Kirk, class of 1905, sent the report of a sketch they presented to the 'Alumnus.'

Lucky Strike Green - Gone to War
Date: April 13, 1990

Nancy Watkins Lucas reports in an interview that female students corresponded with soliders and sailors during the World War II period. Lucas, who smoked at the time, recalls that cigarettes were difficult to obtain. In fact, the brand Lucky Strike Green, whose cigarette packaging was green, started a campaign during the war, "Lucky Strike Green - Gone to War." Lucas claims that "the servicemen could always get you cigarettes." Lucas dated a sailor who brought her cigarettes during the war.

Members of Chi Omega in 1953
Date: 1953

The Delta chapter of Chi Omega strived to fulfill its national motto of "Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals" in 1953. This was accomplished through dedication to service activities including working with elderly in Carlisle and supporting war-torn countries with care packages. Their social schedule included a number of events such as the Pledge Dance, Spring Formal, and the Initiation and Alumnae Banquets. The officers of Chi Omega were Ann L. Boyd, president; Kathryn G. Jordan, vice president; Elizabeth A. Hollinger, secretary; and Patricia Kort-Kamp, treasurer.

Members of Pi Beta Phi in 1953
Date: 1953

In 1953, Pi Beta Phi members held a full schedule of scholastic, social, and philanthropic activities. They continued to support their settlement school in Tennessee and they also assisted a struggling German family through connections with one member who was studying abroad there. They also sponsored the annual Pledge Formal, Pledge Tea, Spring Formal, and Spring Tea. The group was led by Ann L. Prescott, president; Shirley J. Chase, vice president; Julia T. Yoshizaki, secretary; and Caroline T. Rhodes, treasurer.

Suggestions to Freshmen Women
Date: September 1922-23

A list of seven suggestions to freshmen women is included in the student handbook of 1922-23. Following the list of mandated rules for freshmen women, suggestions regarding academic success, religion, college spirit, social life, campus/dorm room aesthetics, community life, and athletics are given to every freshman woman. Although these "suggestions" were not enforced, they were highly stressed to freshmen women to follow. The suggestions to freshmen women appear to have been endorsed by the Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College.

Rules for Freshman Women
Date: September 1922-23

Included in the student handbook of 1922-23, are a list of five rules that freshmen women of the college must abide by. Rules included concerned proper college attire, repsect to upperclassmen, obedience, and relations with men. For example, according to the handbook, during the first six weeks of the semester women were not allowed to walk with men around campus and Denny Hall. The rules appear to be provided by the Women's Student Government Association.

Women's Debating Teams
Date: September 1922-23

According the the 1922-23 student handbook, published by the college's Christian organizations, two women's debating teams were formed in 1921. After competitive try-outs, one team from the Harman Literary Society and one team from the McIntyre Literary Society were selected as the two teams to represent the school. The Harmon debating team included: Esther Reigel, Laura High, Elizabeth McCrea,  and Eleanor Klemm. Members of the McIntyre debate team were, Elizabeth DeMaris, Kathryn Smith, Margaret Eslinger, and Mary Garland.

Women's Student Senate
Date: September 1921

Under the Women's Student Senate, a separate organization from student
senate that governed male students, the Women's Student Government
Association of Dickinson College sought to "enact and enforce laws in
accordance with the agreement between the official administration of
Dickinson College and the women students of Dickinson and to transact
any business pertaining thereto." This constitution, printed in the
student handbook of 1921-22, included information on membership, meetings,
the executive, lesgislative, and judicial departments, dues, amendment

Pan-Hellenic Constitution of 1921-22
Date: September 1921

The Pan-Hellenic council was made up of Pi Beta Phi, Chi Omega, and Phi Mu sororities. The constitution, printed in the 1921 student handbook, details its purpose, officers, and regulations on voting and amending the constitution. According to the constitution, the purpose of the Pan-Hellenic council was to:

  • fix the date of pledge day
  • regulate the rules for rushing
  • regulate any other matters of inter-fraternity interest
  • cooperate with college authorities in questions of general college interest
Pam McFarland, Aiding Dean Of Women to Design Programs for Campus
Date: September 15,1972

Serving as Coordinator of Women's Programs, Pam McFarland was assigned a position as one of the two resident interns at Dickinson College. Working with several administrators during the day, McFarland also had an opportunity to attend graduate school at Shippensburg in the evenings. At Dickinson College her duties included arranging the schedule of speakers, workshops,as well as films for women on campus. Some of the events and ideas included:
-Showing and the discussing the movie "Growing Up Female," which traced the socialization of women.

Date: February 1924

For the first time in the history of Dickinson College, the Women's Basketball Team (a.k.a. the Co-Eds) played an extensive schedule against other colleges.They defeated Gettysburg with a score of 31 to 13 and were victors against Lebanon Valley with a score of 42 to 15.At the time of the publication, the Co-Eds remained to play against Shippensburg Normal School, Temple University and Ursinus. The last of these would be home games played on the floor of Carlisle's Y. W. C. A - which was directed by Ruth Walker.

Date: February 1924

Lydia M. Gooding, class of 1910, became the librarian at Dickinson College. As going to the library (whether in search of quietness for studying, or to search for reference readings assigned by professors) increased in popularity (for many years "going to the library wasn't considered quite the best form"), Gooding made some changes in dynamics that made running the library more efficient.

Greek Brief 1988
Date: 1988

The 1988 "Greek Brief" is an effort to establish a positive understanding of the activities of the ten fraternities and 5 sororities.
Delta Delta Delta: Raised over $700 in Fall 1987 for the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA. Sang Christmas carols to children in Hershey Medical Center.

Letter from 1979 Panhel President Andrea Allen
Date: November 5, 1979

Andrea Allen, President of Panhel thanks Martha Slotten, librarian, for her slide show about the history of women at Dickinson. She writes: "Perhaps in another 10 to 20 years someone else will do a history on Dickinson women. I'll be proud to tell them of the wonderful female leaders that are (were) friends here at Dickinson."

3 to 1 Ratio
Date: April 26, 1991

According to Maragaret McAdoo's experience while on Dickinson as recorded on her interview, she observed that there always seem to be 200 more men than women on the Dickinson campus. She further elaborated by stating that a quota was implemented that the male female ratio could not be more than 3 to 1. Thus, out of a total enrollment of 600, women only made up 150 out of the total student body population. This trend, she said, continued even as the Second World War persisted.

Doll Dance 1961
Date: March 17, 1961

Panhellenic Council sponsored a traditional Doll Dance, which required one doll or stuffed animal as admission.  Usually held before Christmas, the event was moved to before Easter because of deferred rushing.  Each pledge class of the five women's fraternities would present a skit at the dance.

Date: April 26, 1991

As explained by Margaret McAdoo in her interview, due to the College's lack of a widespread social ambiance fellow Dickinsonians had to rely on the Fraternities and Sororities on campus to hold social events for their entertainment. At the time women joined sororities just for the simple reason that there was nothing else to do. According to Margaret McAdoo "there were no parties... So it was...just left up to the group of fraternities and sororities"

Individual dances scheduled
Date: April 6, 1939

Six professors and their wives chaperoned the Panhellenic Council dance.

Zeta Tau Alpha in 1952
Date: 1952

The officers of Zeta Tau Alpha in 1952 were Audrey M. Ridgely, president; Florence M. Williams, vice president; D. Elizabeth Parker, secretary; and Patricia A. Bradley, treasurer.