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Members of Phi Mu in 1950
Date: 1950

In 1950 the women of the Beta Delta chapter of Phi Mu kept busy with a variety of social, athletic, and service-related activities.  In the past year they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their chapter's installation, created and ran a "Toycart" in the children's ward of the Carlisle Hospital, and caputred the Interfraternity Basketball Cup for 1949.  The chapter also held possession of the Pi Beta Phi Scholarship Cup for the third consecutive year.  Members of the chapter who served as executive officers in 1950 included Rosalie R. Enders, president; Barbara J.

garlowc 4.jpg
Date: 1950

Zeta Tau Alpha was the newest women's fraternity on campus in 1950.  After forming the local chapter Zeta Eta Phi Sorority in 1921, the girls decided to become a nationally-chartered charter organization in 1924.  Their projects include supporting Zeta Tau Alpha national projects such as a National Scholarship Fund which has provided funds for more than 300 girls since 1912.  Members of Zeta Tau Alpha who served on the executive board include Helen Benson, president; Pamela Burr, vice-president; Mary Waldron, secretary; and Polly Metzger, treasurer.

Microcosm Women's Athletics
Date: 1932

Girls sports were conducted on the intramural plan under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Physical Education for Women at Dickinson College, Miss E Winifred Chapman. Hockey, indoor and outdoor archery, swimming, tennis, basketball, riding and volleyball. Volleyball was newly inroduced as a sport. A playing field was devoted to the girls' use for hockey and archery.  Every woman was required to complete two hours a week from any of the sports. The facilities had greatly improved in the last few years. The Athletic Council, along with Miss Chapman, supervise all sports.

Members of Chi Omega in 1950
Date: 1950

Chi Omega, the second national women's fraternity installed at Dickinson, gave its members opportunities to participate in a variety of social and service activities in 1950.  Like other organizations on campus, the women of Chi Omega supported the war effort by sponsoring a French orphan named Marie Claire Geoffrey.  In addition, they volunteered their services at the Carlisle Community Center.  Social events such as the Pledge Dance and Spring Formal were highlights of the year.  The following members served as officers: Victoria K. Hann, president; Marilyn A.

Women's Athletics 1933
Date: 1933

In 1933 the Microcosm reported that each female student was required to participate in two hours a week of the intramural sports offered. In the fall the choices were: hockey, outdoor archery, swimming, tennis, and horseback riding; in the winter: swimming, basketball, and indoor archery; and in the spring: tennis, volleyball, swimming, and riding. Miss Winifred E.

Date: May 1923
  • Elizabeth R. Bender, class of 1888, did missionary work in Japan for several years before she had to return due to health problems. She went on to take charge of the New York District of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society, whose offices were located at 150 Fifth Avenue NY.
  • Anna M. Geiger Heckman, class of 1897, became the wife of the District Superintent of Harrisburg District, Central Pennsylvania M. E. Conference.
  • Mrs. Mary Love Collins, class of 1902, was the National President of Chi Omega Sorority.
Date: May 1923

"The Omicron Chapter of Phi Delta Delta, a woman's legal fraternity, was installed at the Dickinson School of Law on May 1."

"Lady Devils" Take Their Share of First Places
Date: April 29, 1991

At a Saturday meet hosted by Dickinson College, the Women's Track and Field team won first place in many of the events. Winners included Susan Bergh in the 800 meter and the 1500 meter run, Ruth Kline in the 100 meter and 200 meter run, Bridget Niland in the 3000 and 5000 meter runs, and Jacqui Zelno in the long jump and triple jump. Rachel Huffman, Baird, Zelno, and Kline took the 400 meter relay, and Bergh, Baird, Kline, and Zelno set a school record in the 1600 relay. Lisa Walaas won the discus throw.

Biddle Field Track in Need of Repair
Date: May 29, 1985

Coach John Cantalupi of the Women's Track and Field team wrote a letter to then president of Dickinson College, Dr. Samuel A. Banks, pleading for the resurfacing or conversion of the Bibble Field Track. The coach expressed worry that the state of the track and its measurement in yards instead of meters  would hinder athletes from meeting national qualifying standards. He cited national qualifier Linda Reinman's achievement, saying that he would "hate to see Linda's chances of qualifying for next year's national championships hindered by our current setup."

Passage from the Trustee Minutes
Date: June 29, 1887

On June 29, 1887. the Dickinson College Board of Trustees recognized the first female graduate, Zatae Longsdorff. Zatae Longsdorff received an A.B. in 1887.

The Committee on the Admission of Females to the College Report, 1878
Date: June 26, 1878

The day after the formation of the "Committee on the Admission of Females," the committee presented its report. Presented by Clarence J. Jackson, the report was immedately adopted.

The Second "Committee on the Admission of Females," 1878
Date: June 25, 1878

Following the formation of the first "Committee on the Admission of Ladies" in 1876, a second "Committee on the Admission of Famales" was formed on June 25, 1878. The committee was comprised of three Trustees.

Young Women's Christian Association Hosts Bible Study and Completes Missionary Work
Date: September 1910

Included in the 1910 student handbook are Bible study courses
offered by the Young Women's Christian Association. Courses include:

  • "The King and his Kingdom"-Freshmen Course
  • "Studies in the Life of Paul"-Sophomore Course
  • "The Social Significance of the Teachings of Jesus"-Junior and Senior Course

In addition, the YWCA conducted missionary work both locally and
internationally, specifically in South America. They also sponsored and
managed a program that collected dolls and clothing to give to
"children of the slums" at Christmas.

Extracts from the Constitution of the Young Women's Christian Association
Date: September 1909

The 1909-10 student handbook, produced by the Christian
Associations contains parts of the constitution from the Young Women's
Christian Association (YWCA). Included in the handbook is the YWCA's
mission as well as information on membership, officers, and committees.
Officers included are, President Anna M. Bacon, Vice-president Magdalene Leinbach,
Secretary Clara Bell Smith, and Treasurer Blanche Dum. A brief
synopsis of  the Pan-hellenic league, formed by sororities Pi Beta Phi
and Omega Chi, are mentioned in this years handbook. The Pan-Hellenic

More Pysched Than Ever
Date: Circa 1980s

In a letter to Coach Harbold, Cyndi Lyn Olcott explains that she cannot attend the scheduled meeting and that she is prohibited from participating in Women's Track and Field until the second week of January. "If my injuries don't prevail," she writes, "I'll be out on the track more psyched than ever."

Ready to Work Hard
Date: Circa 1980s

Cara Lima wrote to Coach Jere Harbold expressing interest in Women's Track and Field. She ran track during junior high school but was unable to participate during high school due to the lack of a team. She writes that she is "willing to begin working hard now."

1990 Women's Track and Field Team
Date: Spring 1990

In 1990, Women's Track and Field participants included first-years Michelle Bailey, Pam Byron, Susan Ferguson, Rachel Huffman, Jessica Hyde, Leslie McCleary, Laurel Ryan, and Wendy Sutton. Patricia Gaffney was the MVP for the year.

Sue Baldwin one of "Devil Trio"
Date: Spring 1988

The 1988 Outdoor Track and Field yearbook includes both the men's and women's team. The co-captains for the women's team were Cyndi Lyn Olcott and Susan Baldwin. Susan Baldwin won the MVP award for the year and qualified for the NCAA Division III national championships in javelin. Baldwin also played women's basketball at Dickinson and won the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships in javelin.

Chairman Watkins Supports Women's Track and Field Team
Date: February 26, 1982

After the Women's Track and Field Club's first petition in 1981, David L. Watkins, the chairman of the Department of Physical Education, wrote to Comptroller Robert W. Belyea in 1982 urging the club's elevation to intercollegiate team status. He writes that women students have participated in the Track and Field Club for five years and have conducted "a quality program." He argues that creating this women's team would allow the college to offer nine intercollegiate sports for women in comparison to the ten for men.

Separate and Not Equal
Date: November 1981

At the conclusion of its letter petitioning for intercollegiate team status, the Women's Track and Field Club proposed three budget options. The first outlined a minimal budget without food, awards, or travel expenses; the second a moderate program after the model of the men's team; and the third a "high quality program separate from but equal to the men's program." The club cited the existing economic environment as the impetus behind its recommendation of the second program.