Women's Basketball Team : Game Schedule (1926-27)

November 1926

As the year of 1925-1926 came to an end, most of the women on the Co-Ed Varsity squad graduated. There were only two women left: Jessie Poticher and Leona Barkalow. Their positions in the team were forwards. The rest of the team for that year would consist mostly of underclasswomen.

Coach Jeanette R. Packard, Director of Physical Education for women at the College, remained positive about the season, for as many as 35 girls expressed interest and attended tryouts.

The game schedule for the Women's Basketball Team (1926-27) consisted of 11 games: Albright College, Gettysburg College, Morovian Seminary, Schuylkill College, Western Maryland, Beaver George, and they played twice both against Penn Hall and Shippensburg Normal.

Although in past years the team had held games and tryouts at the Carlisle Y. W. C. A., the year of 1926-27, practices and all but two games were played at the College gymnasium. (Women's regular gym classes were held at Metzger Hall).

The school also had a Junior Varsity squad and four class teams.

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